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About Gerald

Hi! šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Gerald Versluis, a software developer from the Netherlands. I work at Microsoft on the .NET MAUI team as a software engineer. There I’m building an amazing cross-platform framework that you can use to build apps for mobile and desktop that run on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows through C# and .NET.

Besides crushing code, I’m also active in the tech community. My daily ramblings can mostly be found on Twitter.

Opinions and views expressed here and on any other medium that is not an official channel of Microsoft are completely my own.

Places where I create content around software development are:

Because of all these activities for the community, I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP award in the past, before I joined Microsoft as an employee.

Support Me #

There are a good number of people that want to do something back for all the time I put into the things I do. Your responses, comments and interactions are definitely enough, but people insist on doing more. I absolutely appreciate that.

You can either join my YouTube channel as a member, or become a sponsor on GitHub. Alternatively, you can buy me a coffee ā˜•ļø.